how to stay motivated without gym and without classes?

Keeping the motivation to work out isn’t always easy. With the restrictive measures linked to the pandemic, the gyms closed in the red zone and all group classes canceled, it is sometimes difficult to get out of your couch. The schedule is upset, the children are still there (or almost!), Fatigue takes over, as does procrastination … But how do you find the motivation to train?
Train for the right reasons

First, you need to know why you trained before and why you would like to get back to training now. Weight loss or changes in their appearance are often the reasons given. However, it is rarely these elements that are the greatest motivators … because concrete results are slow in coming, most of the time. Training should be done just for the purpose of feeling good. It is good for the body and good for the mind. By focusing on well-being, not physical appearance, you may see results quickly, which should help you regain your motivation.
Establish a routine

Obviously, having good reasons to train is not always enough. Especially since nowadays, it seems that we are losing our bearings, our daily structure. Some order must be restored. A routine, without being rigid, must regulate your daily life, in order to schedule the training, otherwise, you will keep postponing the moment to activate yourself. Later, later … and finally, later, you’re tired … it can wait until tomorrow, after all! But no! You have to establish now the key moment to train: when you wake up, at dinner time or in the evening? It doesn’t matter, but there should be a moment in your schedule.

Be constant … for a minimum of 21 days

Then, consistency is important , lasting about 21 days. the amount 21 isn’t magic, it are often 14 or 23 days, or … whatever! The principle is to move a day for a couple of days, and there comes a time once you not need to believe it, training is integrated into your lifestyle . It causes you to feel good, your body craves it, you not need to fight a battle to urge out of the couch. It becomes a requirement .

Choose a workout that creates you are feeling good

The idea is therefore to maneuver on a daily basis and to not surpass yourself in the least costs. Choose a workout that you simply like which causes you to feel good. Brisk outdoor walking, gentle yoga, tabata-type training? plow ahead , with what you want! Also choose a length of your time that works for you, here, today, now. 10 minutes? It’s perfect! you’ll increase, once you have the time … or when your body, your head and your heart ask you to.

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