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“Good conscience” foods for the holiday season

We often hear that Christmas isn’t the right time to observe your figure. Indeed! Pleasure should be at the forefront of all his festive meals. But, do not forget that the pleasure of eating can easily be combined with healthy foods. Here are some typical holiday foods that are both tasty and excellent for your health.

This little red fruit has always been synonymous with Christmas. Its slightly tangy flavor makes it an ideal food for stuffing, sauces or maybe salads. additionally , cranberries are the second most antioxidant-rich foods, just behind blueberries. it’s interesting to understand that thanks to their low tide concentration, dried cranberries are said to be richer in antioxidant compounds than fresh ones. celebrate adding a sweet and healthy touch to your dishes.


You are probably wondering how cream can find yourself on this list. Needless to mention , cream adds smoothness and flavor to all or any our dishes. However, it also adds fat and calories. and therefore the account often goes up very quickly! the five hundred m.g. Qu├ębon has an equally creamy texture, but half the fat in 15% fat cream. This cream is heat resistant and is therefore perfect for baking and for the vacation season! To discover!


Ha, the famous turkey! Like chicken, its flesh is lean since it contains little total fat and saturated fat. additionally , it’s a superb source of excellent quality protein. From a nutritional point of view, turkey is therefore a dish of choice for holiday feasts. But beware, if its flesh features a low fat content, its skin is way from presenting an equivalent nutritional qualities! Just avoid consuming it or, if the temptation is just too strong, eat it carefully .

The alcohol

To accompany a delicious meal, nothing sort of a good wine. Moderate consumption provides partial protection against disorder (it tends to extend good blood cholesterol, reduce blood clots, reduce stress, etc.). These benefits are associated not only with wine , but also with wine and beer. wine stands out, however, due to the antioxidant compounds it contains.

Citrus fruits

If they’re fairly often related to heat, citrus fruits also are synonymous with winter since it’s at this cold season of the year that they’re at their best. Take the chance to feature vitamin C to your dishes: an orange practically meets our daily needs! On the opposite hand, it’s to your advantage to consume them raw, since vitamin C is extremely fragile and has poor heat resistance.


Although available year round, hazelnuts are at their best during the winter. it’s therefore an ideal healthy ingredient to feature to your menu. Like all nuts, this tiny shelled fruit contains good fats for the health of the guts , mainly monounsaturated fats. Crunchy and crunchy, these nuts are going to be ideal in your salads!


When you come from outdoor physical activity and wish to recharge your batteries, swap milk for eggnog.

Traditionally made up of milk, eggs, sugar and nutmeg, it contains slightly more sugar than milk , but it doesn’t contain more calories! briefly , it contains all the great elements of milk or fortified soy drinks additionally to having a delicious taste like the vacation season.

As a nutritionist, I still need to mention that there’s no point in overeating and drinking an excessive amount of . Headaches and stomach aches are going to be served on a silver platter. My advice? Enjoy every bite, but stop when you’re full!


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